DenizBank A.Ş only collects information it must due to legal legislation and also information that will enable it to provide the best services and products.

Our main approach is to handle customer data with secrecy, security and in line with customer wishes.

Customer information are private in terms of privacy terms of DenizBank and access to these data by DenizBank employees are regulated as per DenizBank Privacy Policies; customer data cannot be shared with any persons or institutions apart from obligatory situations stipulated in legislation.

For outsourcing services, there is always an article in signed agreements on customer data privacy and outsource companies and their personnel are required to obey secrecy and secret keeping rules determined as per DenizBank Privacy Policies.

Customer data can only be shared with other institutions upon customer request. We kindly request you to inform Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking through 0850 222 0 800 when you don’t wish to be notified by the Bank.

Customers are obliged to correctly identify themselves to access their information in the internet channels.

DenizBank respects your trust on condition that customer data security is ensured as per legal legislation.

DenizBank Security Group


Dentists are always privileged at affluent banking...

Affluent banking means priority in transactions, special relationship manager, lifestyle services and privileges for you and your family.

  • Afili Bonus Platinum Dentist with special logo
  • Prioritized service from retail relationship manager special at branches
  • Special pricing for deposit and loan products
  • Free of charge cash delivery service with special security vehicles
  • 3.000 TL daily ATM cash withdrawal limit
  • Free of charge safe deposit service*
  • 50% Bonus at İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Antalya airports for car park /vale services**
  • 30% Bonus all over Turkey for Sunday breakfasts
  • 30% Bonus all over Turkey at weekends for theatre/cinema tickets
  • Up to 20% Discount in prestigious restaurants, cafes and hotels in Turkey
  • 20% Discount at Dry Center for dry cleaning. Free of charge delivery within İstanbul...

* free of charge safe deposit service is available upon certain criteria

**Antalya airport doesn’t have a valet service.

*** As per Law numbered 5464 on Bank Cards and Credit Cards as of 01.02.2014 installments will not be given for fuel oil, food, jewelry and telecommunication.

Doctors who work freelance or at public and private health institutions, dentists and medical experts according to medical expertise legislation are covered against possible liabilities due to medical malpractice during the execution of their job stated in the policy.

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Policy renewal periods paid with Affluent Bonus get a chance to earn Bonus and installments.