DenizBank A.Ş only collects information it must due to legal legislation and also information that will enable it to provide the best services and products.

Our main approach is to handle customer data with secrecy, security and in line with customer wishes.

Customer information are private in terms of privacy terms of DenizBank and access to these data by DenizBank employees are regulated as per DenizBank Privacy Policies; customer data cannot be shared with any persons or institutions apart from obligatory situations stipulated in legislation.

For outsourcing services, there is always an article in signed agreements on customer data privacy and outsource companies and their personnel are required to obey secrecy and secret keeping rules determined as per DenizBank Privacy Policies.

Customer data can only be shared with other institutions upon customer request. We kindly request you to inform Açıkdeniz Telephone Banking through 0850 222 0 800 when you don’t wish to be notified by the Bank.

Customers are obliged to correctly identify themselves to access their information in the internet channels.

DenizBank respects your trust on condition that customer data security is ensured as per legal legislation.

DenizBank Security Group

Letter Of Consent On Protection Of Personal Data and Data Processing

You have the right to not accept the Letter Of Consent On Protection Of Personal Data And Data Processing. In case you exercise this right, the bank shall provide services in this agreement in a limited manner as long as it does not violate the Law on Protection of Personal Data numbered 6698 in scope of terms given in notification on protection of personal data.

You may access the notification on protection of personal data through

I accept, state and declare that in terms of all kinds of personal data and/or private personal data, corporate, commercial and other data, information and documents including personal data, biometric data, health data (“Data”) that I notified to the Bank or the Bank obtains as per terms and proceedings; I give consent for the data sharing and transfer with the subsidiaries of our Bank and their sub-institutions; employees, company officers, legal, financial and tax consultants, auditors, parties the bank collaborates with to complete or extend services and support service companies and contracted offices including Credit Bureau and FINDEKS, card payment system companies including Europay INT.SA, Moneygram, Mastercard INT.INC, Visa INT, JCB INT, Maestro, Electron that are internationally or domestically established, BRSA, CMB, CBT, MASAK, Banks Association of Turkey, KOSGEB, Income Administration, Under-secretariat of Treasury, SGK, ministries, authorized public bodies such as judicial bodies, persons, institutions and bodies that legislation including article 73/4 of Banking Law permits, if necessary, correspondent banks and domestic/foreign financial institutions and domestic/foreign merchants, institutions which are provided sponsorship, build cooperation with and/or contracted institutions (collectively as “Parties”), for the purpose of providing services that may be provided as agency under the Banking Law and other legislation, as well as providing, executing and improving all kinds of products and services related to banking, insurance and finance, as well as any kind of electronic transfer messages regarding any money transfer to local and foreign accounts, foreign trade transactions, transactions that involves using banks and/or the swift system ,carrying out promotions and marketing campaigns for these services and products, implementing the contracts you or we have signed; carrying out intelligence, information researches and credibility assessments, planning, statistics and customer satisfaction studies, maintaining security and complying with the anti-money laundering and national and international legislation, complying with the liabilities of preserving, reporting, notifying the data set forth by BRSA, CBRT, CMB, FCIB, Turkish Banks Association, income administration, Under-secretariat of Treasury and other authorized bodies to develop suitable products and services and provide better and reliable services to me and continue them in an uninterrupted manner; that I give my consent to Data disclosure and transfer; for these purposes, for my data to be obtained, gathered, stored, recorded, maintained, changed, reorganized and disclosed, transferred, undertaken, classified and processed, made anonymous by the bank if necessary,fully or partially, automatically or un-automatically through a part of any data registry system as Data Responsible or Data Processor by the Bank, HQ units, branches, ATMs, kiosks, internet branches, call centers, parties that provide services that complete or extend the activities of public bodies and institutions and the Bank, contracted institutions and support services and other similar channels,

That I give consent for my data on account numbers, ID information, address, scope of activity and all accounts, transactions and data to be transferred and be processed by U.S Internal Revenue Service (IRS), European Capital Market Authority (ESMA) and/or all other US and/or EU institutions in scope of laws and regulations of United States of America (USA) Dodd Frank (Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) and FATCA (Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act), ISDA (International Swaps and Derivatives Association) and European Union (EU) EMIR (European Market Infrastructure Regulation) and CRS (Common Reporting Standard) in case of me being a real or legal person originating from US and/or EU or I transact in US and/or EU markets or I am subject to tax laws of US and/or EU or due to various legal requirements,

That I am authorized to give my data directly or indirectly without violating any confidentiality agreement arising from law or agreement, that I have taken all necessary approvals from the other third parties including the group companies duly to fulfill all processes and transactions given in this consent as per the related legislation and that I lawfully obtained my data in question. I give my consent to my biometric data to be obtained and processed for security purposes or for development of opportunity and campaigns for me in Denizbank branches, ATMs, Denizbank Head Office buildings or through Call Center. I read the Form on the Protection of Personal Data. I accept data sharing and processing in the framework of notifications given under the conditions provided above.